The Best Self-Defense Sports For Our Children

Detractors of boxing claim that it is the only sport that, in its adult version, positively scores direct blows to the face, and its objective is to leave the rival unwell. Make no mistake; all self-defense sports share the common goal of knocking down the opponent, either through blows or immobilization. The only difference in this sense would be that in professional boxing, this objective is carried to its last consequences, while in other martial arts (not all), it is simply a matter of scoring the blows without applying all the power. The noncontact educational boxing is practiced individually without an opponent.

Let’s remember that, in principle, it is not about encouraging our children to become professionals, but rather that they practice a sport that will also help them learn to defend themselves against possible dangerous situations, including bullying at school. Therefore I am going to treat them all at the same level.

Benefits of practicing self-defense

Assuming that self-defense sports involve the development of a minimum of aggressiveness, something that can be considered negative (or not, depending on each child), all of them will provide various very interesting benefits for our children, both physical, psychic, and social as long as they have a good trainer.

The most prominent physical benefits for children would be increased cardiovascular endurance and strength, development of coordination and laterality, increased agility and flexibility, and improved muscle tone and psychomotor skills in general.

Mental benefits include improvement in self-confidence and self-confidence, increased concentration, and the development of strategies, respect for the rules, improvement in overcoming moments of stress, and even improvement in the face of behavior problems.

Socially, in addition to the undeniable advantages in terms of self-defense, its practitioners learn discipline, respect for others, and gain in effectiveness, efficiency, teamwork, and leadership.

The most appropriate for children

If we want to escape the blows, judo would be a great option for our son since its purpose is to knock down the opponent using his own force, making him fall backward on a tatami (mat). It requires excellent physical preparation, helps maintain high muscle tone, and has a decisive influence on character building.

If the objective in boxing is to knock down the opponent’s base with punches, children’s boxing is taught and practiced (or should be practiced) without any contact between the children. The training is based on hitting technique work in front of bags, coordination circuits, and agility exercises. The activity must be aimed at reinforcing values ​​such as trust, companionship, and respect.…